10 Free Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online 2019

If you are searching for free Anime Streaming Sites and are very desperate to Watch Anime online, Here I’ll help you with some of the Best and Free Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online. The term Anime is derived from the term Animation, as we all know Anime is made of Animation. The name Anime is given by Japanese animation series which focuses on interesting broad concepts and that are very entertaining to watch. Anime has gained a huge popularity because of its stunning graphics and amazing theme music. If you have a Good high-speed internet connection, then you can stream Anime without any problems. And its better to stream instead of Downloading Anime.

Anime has originated in Japan in the 19th Century. Anime has a dedicated following because of its fascinating story line. For this ever-evolving Genre, So many classics have survived the drastic evolution and are still into the production. Naruto, Bleach, One Piece or Dragon Ball Z, all have captivated the mainstream audience for their amazingly well-written story line and design. The Online Anime Streaming Sites are the treasure for Anime lovers.

And if you’re are a die-hard fan of Anime, you will accept the fact that it is not convenient to watch Anime on the TV. If you miss any episode and you cant watch again, and as all the episodes are linked you might miss out on some things. And also the Advertisements in the Tv are irritating. Well, Today we have so many Websites to Stream Anime Online on TV that too, free of cost.

Here are I made a list of 10 Free Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime. You can Stream Anime Online for free, Some might ask you to Sign Up to Stream Anime.

Since Downloading an Anime Episode is going to take a lot of time, its better to Stream it instead of Downloading. The original Anime Series are in Japanese, but you can also find Anime dubbed/subbed in English also.

Best Websites to Watch Anime Online

Today, we have so many websites to watch Anime Online, but i have listed a few websites which I found them to be good.

1) KissAnime.ru

KissAnime is the King of the Anime Streaming Websites. KissAnime has the highest number of fans when compared to the rest of the Anime Streaming Sites. Most of the Anime Lovers, watch their Favorite Anime Series on KissAnime.ru. KissAnime has made so many Anime Series available to the Anime Lovers.

KissAnime uses low bandwith and loads fully in 10 seconds. This Site Uploads Anime Series in a way that you can stream Anime in any quality raning from 240p to 1080p optimised for wide variety of devices. This Site uses Javascript which is missing in the Mini browsers, but now mobile users can use KissAnime Mobile from their mobile browsers. You can Stream Anime without Registration, but if you want to Download Anime Series you need to Register for a KissAnime Account.

KissAnime is very user-friendly, you have a Search Box where you can search for the Anime Series you need. You can also look for Anime by Selecting  a Genre so you find Anime related to specific genre. KissAnime also has an Chatroom where you chat with other users.

2) 9anime.to

If you’re a Die Hard Anime Fan and want to Watch Anime Online, 9anime.to is the perfect Destination. 9anime.to is Nearly Ad free and has many Epic Anime Series in it. Not many Online Website provide the Dubbed/Subbed Anime Series, But 9anime.to provides the HD English Dubbed Anime Series. You Find all the latest dubbed English Anime Series that too in High Quality. What i like about 9anime is that, there a request section where you can request the Anime Series you need. So an Anime Lover can easily request the Anime Series which is not updated on 9anime.

If you are native English Speaker and don’t understand Japanese, then 9anime has the most number of English Dubbed Anime Series. You wont find many English Dubbed Anime Series on other websites. If you’re searching in for KissAnime, then 9anime is the best Option. My personal opinion is that I think 9anime is a better site then KissAnime.

3) AnimeSeason.com

The users who use this site are the fans of the Quality the Site provides. The Site is Well-polished to provide a quality scrolling experience which is pleasing to eyes. The best part about this site is, it doesnt have irritating Ads making the user experience reliable and beautiful.  AnimeSeason.com is close to providing free Ad Anime Streaming.

This Site has so many embedded video players which allows the users to watch a subbed Anime episode with the captions and titles. This Site doesnt have a Search Bar, that means you wont be able to Search for a Series you want. But the left panel has everything that has in the site and you can easily locate the series you want to watch.

4) Chia-anime.tv

Chia-anime.tv is same like KissAnime, there are so many users who use Chia-anime.tv as an alternate for KissAnime. This site lets you watch all the Anime Series from the Old to New ones for free. This Site updates the Anime Series 10 times faster than any other site.

This sites also offers English Dubbed Anime series in High Quality which can be Streamed and Downloaded in a Single Click. It has A-Z letters on the top of the page, where you can choose the first letter the Anime Series you are looking for and it shows the results of all the Anime series whose title name starts with that letter. In this Website you can also watch Anime Movies and Asian Drama, Chia-anime.tv also lets you Download and Listen to Anime Soundtracks.

5) Crunchyroll.com

Crunchyroll is one of the Anime Streaming sites which updates Anime Series regularly from time to time. As Crunchyroll updates the website every hour, it makes sure that no one misses out the latest episode on time. This Website is really very interactive with the slideshows of the latest updates and recent uploads. You also have an Search option in Crunchyroll, you can search for the Anime you are looking for and get results related to that.

If you dont remember the Anime Series Name and only rememeber the Starting Letter, then it also has Anime Series in the Alphabetical order, So that you can easily search for the Tv series you need. Crunchyroll is a legal site to watch Anime Online and its free for the first 15 days but )you need to take premium subscription for Ad free and High Definition Streaming.

6) Gogoanime.com

Gogoanime.com is another great website to watch Anime for free. You can Stream all the Anime in Japanese Language with English Subtitles. What is good than a Japanese Anime Series with English Subtitles. Gogoanime has a great database and it updates from time to time.

And the Speciality of GogoAnime is that they also have an App for Android and iOS devices, So you can Download Gogoanime App on your device and Stream Anime for free.

7) AnimeFreak.Tv

Plethora of Anime is what i call whenever AnimeFreak comes to mind. You can Watch Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Naruto and many other famous Anime Series on this site. And they different categories for Latest, Recently uploaded, Populr, Most viewed etc, so we can select a category and look for something interesting to watch. You can also read Manga on AnimeFreak.tv.

8) Funimation.com

Funimation is another legal site to stream Anime. Funimation.com has the largest Anime firm in North America. Because of its vast database of Movies and episodes it has become very famous all over the world.

You can also watch HD English Dubbed Anime on Funimation.com. If you are a smartphone users, then all you have to do is to login to Funimation and then you can stream everything you want to watch from your Smartphone.

9) AnimeUltima.io

AnimeUltima is one of the popular Anime Streaming Websites. Unlike other Anime Streaming Sites, AnimeUltima also has some Games in it. You also have a Search box in AnimeUltima which helps the user to search for something he needs. You can also Upload anVideo to AnimeUltima if you have any Anime Series with you.

You can find many Subbed vides on AnimeUltima and You can search for Anime based on the Genres also. When you scroll down, you can also find recently uploaded files.

10) Hulu.com

Hulu.com is known for its HQ uploads and wide collection of Anime Films and Anime Series. This Anime Site is not accessible for most of the countries but they can still gain access using the VPN’s. This Website has a User-Friendly Interface and it lets you watch the Anime Series or Movies Legally and Officially. But the main restriction for Hulu is that its not available to the most of the countries. Hulu can be accessed in the most parts of Asia and Europe, if it doesnt work in your country, you can use US Vpn to access Hulu.

So, these are some of the websites where you can stream and Download Anime for free. Check out all the Sites and Comment which is the best Website for you.