Woman divides opinion by saying she pretends to be broke to avoid paying for things

A woman says she often pretends to be broke to avoid paying for things she doesn’t want to, but it makes her boyfriend furious and he’s now demanding she stops.

The anonymous woman shared her story on Reddit, saying that she will regularly pretend to be out of cash to cut costs and dodge awkward situations.

She has a string of examples where it worked in her favour, including a runaway car repair bill and getting out of a pyramid selling scheme, but her boyfriend has said it makes him feel “uncomfortable”.

She turned to the internet for advice, asking whether she was in the wrong as the issue is putting strain on her relationship.

The original post reads: “I am doing an engineering job making a good amount of money and I save a lot so I’m definitely not actually broke.

“I sometimes act like I am, and it frustrates my boyfriend. I’ll give a few examples. A few weeks ago I went to get some work done on my car. I called ahead and the shop quoted me $150 (£107) for parts and labour so I said ok and dropped off my car.

“Later that day they call me and say my car is ready to be picked up, but the job was way more complicated than expected so the cost was actually $320 (£228).

“I told them that was more than we agreed on and they were still being pushy.

“I just go, ‘oh God, I’m so sorry but I don’t have the extra money. I called around to all the shops in town this morning and went with y’all because your original quote was the only one I could manage’.

“The guy at the shop kinda hemmed and hawed and I go, ‘maybe you could take the parts back out, I’m really sorry but that’s way too much’.

“He was like, ‘no no, I’ll honour the original quote’.

“So that was something I didn’t feel that bad about but my boyfriend said it made him uncomfortable to hear.”

The Reddit user then goes on to list other times she used the technique to protect her bank balance, including dodging a pyramid scheme.

She said things all kicked off when she went out with her boyfriend to a party thrown by one of his friends, to celebrate a new business venture.

But it turned out the new business was a pyramid scheme, and that the woman was expected to invest.

The woman said she had to use her tried and tested excuse to dodge the situation, and said: “Uhh that’s really expensive, I really didn’t expect to be spending anything tonight, so it’s really not in my budget.”

But still her boyfriend was furious and kicked off for her ‘broke act’, and he kept bringing it up – even weeks later when she received a ’10k’ pay cheque.

The internet was quick to rally around the woman, saying she was not in the wrong for what she did.

One user said: “No one should be doing work above and beyond the quote without discussing it with your first. This sounds like he was trying to take advantage.

“Salespeople earn more money the more you spend. They aren’t looking out for your budget. There’s nothing wrong with being firm with them about want to spend.

“As far as your boyfriend, well it’s a flag that he’s more concerned about the other people than he is about your goals. It sounds like your boyfriend has an issue with your income. Who cares if his friends think you are broke. Why is what they think more of an issue to him than your financial goals.”

But others disagreed, as one wrote: “You are habitually lying about your situation, you need to just say you’re not interested and stand your ground. If the person persists, just walk away. Your boyfriend is probably wondering what else you’re lying about.”