Chef shares simple way to make cake without scales – but people aren’t convinced

Making a cake can be a bit of a fuss when you have to measure out all of the ingredients.

Well not anymore, as a chef has shared a recipe that requires no scales at all.

Chloe regularly shares simple-to-follow recipes on her TikTok where she’s known as @chloescookbook, such as how to make creamy mac and cheese, Yorkshire puddings and flavoursome burgers.

But it’s her super easy yoghurt cake recipe that’s racked up almost one million views.

Despite Chloe claiming it’s “the easiest cake you’ll ever make”, it’s caused quite the stir as some people were horrified by the amount of sugar and oil she used.

Chloe explains that to measure out your ingredients, you’ll need a pot of yoghurt.

After tipping the pot of yoghurt into a bowl she fills it to the top with oil, she then adds three eggs, which she whisks, before adding two pots of sugar and three pots full of self-raising flour.

But she does warn that the flavour of yoghurt you use will determine what the cake will taste like “so choose wisely.”

Once mixed, she places it into an oven preheated at 180 degrees for 30 minutes – and then it’s ready to serve.

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 50,000 likes and 600 comments.

Whilst Chloe was flooded with praise by the majority of viewers, a few people branded the cake “bad for you” because of how much oil and sugar she used.

One person said: “We make this in Spain all the time, the oil is always Olive Oil though. Also use lemon yogurt for a zingy result,” as another viewer from France said they do the same, adding: “You can make it chocolate with Nesquick powder.”

Someone else said: “THIS LOOKS SO GOOD. And it’s simple too!”

“Love how you just use the yogurt cup for measurements,” added a third impressed viewer.

But one person said: “That’s A LOT of sugar,” and another commented: “That’s a terrifying amount of oil.”

A TikTok user was quick to defend the chef, writing: “To the [people] saying it’s bad for [you]/ full of sugar/ oil: first of all we saw the ingredients and second, cake is yummy and it’s not gonna kill [you]. Pls relax.”

Chloe also said she uses less sugar in her recipe than what goes in an ordinary Victoria sponge, so “as far as cakes go, it’s not as bad as one full of butter!”