Pregnant mum plans to live-stream herself giving birth on OnlyFans for £10,000

A mum who hit headlines in 2019 after claiming she’d faked depression to get a £7,000 nose job has caused a stir once again after admitting she plans to live-stream her birth.

Carla Bellucci, who is currently expecting her fourth child, claims to have made £40,000 by sharing sexy pictures on her OnlyFans account.

The 39-year-old from Hitchin, Herts, has continued bringing home the bacon on the content subscription service after learning her family would be growing, uploading photos of her baby bump for those with a ‘pregnancy fetish’.

And she’s recently told The Daily Star that she’s even willing to live-stream herself giving birth for those willing to pay good money.

Carla said: “I have been offered £10,000 from one of my OnlyFans to live-stream my birth – and you know what, why not?

“I am going to give fans the chance to live-stream my birth for £10,000.

“I mean, people give birth on that programme One Born Every Minute and I can’t see the difference. I’m sure they don’t even get paid!”

The influencer and model went on to say that she knows she’ll probably be sent hateful messages over her decision, but won’t let internet trolls get to her.

“I know people are going to go crazy but I’m a businesswoman and I need to make money,” she explained.

“I am my business…

“I am nervous about live-streaming my birth but at the end of the day it’s a lot of money to refuse.”

She added that since announcing her pregnancy, her OnlyFans income has gone up substantially and she’s even been inundated with requests to buy her breastmilk – though she found those messages “totally random” and “shocking”.

Carla previously clarified her decision to post sexy pregnancy snaps online by saying: “People go on the beach in bikinis while they’re pregnant – what’s the difference? I’m not nude!”

She went on to say that while she encourages her older children to become social media stars, she and her partner will keep images of their baby offline – unless someone offers the right sum.

“I’d want a good magazine deal, I’d want around £15,000,” she admits. “I know it’s not loads of money, but I am not Katie Price so can’t ask for half a million just yet.”

This comes after another mum shared how her teenage son had created her an OnlyFans account to support her glamour modelling career and in the hopes of earning a little more pocket money.