Woman ‘told to make most of next three years’ after asking psychic for refund

A care worker claims she was told the “make the most of the next three years” by a well-known psychic medium, after she asked for a refund for a reading she never received.

Amanda Molloy, who is known for having predicted the exact date one of her client’s father would die, allegedly made the comments to Lauren Dent last week.

Lauren, 26, is said to have attended a group reading with Amanda in February, but Amanda had to leave after doing just half of them as she was feeling “too drained.”

“She did three people out of six and said she was too drained and needed to go home,” Lauren explained.

“She said she would come back and do the rest on a Wednesday but I was working so messaged and asked if she could swap days or if I could just have my money back. She read my messages but didn’t reply, then almost a year later she messaged me asking for my bank details.”

When she asked for a refund for the reading, Lauren, from County Durham, says she received a cryptic message more than a year after her request, telling her to “make the most of the next three years” as it’s the “most important time left.”

“A kind woman commented on the status I uploaded and gave me a free reading over video call, she was furious that Amanda had said what she said to me,” Lauren continued. “I do believe in them as I’m a bit like that myself. I see things in my dreams that come true.”

Understandably, she says she was left feeling shaken from the comments, prompting her friend Rebecca Mitchell to share a screenshot of the conversation on social media, telling people to avoid the psychic medium.

The screenshot appears to show Amanda responding: “Hi Lauren, yes send your bank details and we will send your £10 deposit back, thanks,” before Lauren sent a screengrab of her bank details.

“Thank you, can you book you in Friday,” she wrote, to which Lauren responded: “Book me in? I don’t wanna be booked in.”

Although some of the message is covered over, Lauren says it said: “I just want my tenner back.”

“Hi Lauren, I messaged you a few weeks ago to send it to you, ask you bank details, you read it but never got back, strange,” Amanda is said to have written back, before making the cryptic comments.

“Spiritualist AMANDA MOLLOY AVOID! Why would you say that to a customer who hasn’t done you any wrong?” Rebecca wrote on Facebook.

“Why would someone want to inflict worry on someone who wants money back, that is rightfully theirs!?”

Amanda is known for having worked with Jamie Bulger’s mum Denise and popstar Cheryl.