The inbuilt web browser on your android device comes with content:// as the default homepage. Most of us would like to set our own default homepage and default browsers. As all the different browsers have different Homepages, for example, Chrome browsers come with Google search engine homepage. In this article, I will guide you on how to setup default Homepage on your web browser and also How to set up the default browser on your android device.

It is very important to have our own default browsers because whenever you click on a link hyperlink, it will be opened on the android web browser. Most of us like to use Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc. so we can set any of one of these browsers as a default browser, then all the hyperlinks will be opened in the default browser of our choice. Since most browsers set Google search engine as their default Homepage, your browser will be having Google as homepage instead of content://

All the browsers allow their users to set their own default homepage. Though most of them come with Google as their homepage, some browsers also use Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo. But if your browsers Homepage is either content:// or Google and you don’t like it, you can change to any other search engine. 

Instead of changing content:// homepage to your preferred homepage, You can just change the default browser and you don’t have to worry about content:// homepage. 

How to Change the Homepage on any web browser?

  • Open the Android web browser by clicking on the Browser icon on your android device, which is labeled as “Internet” or “Browser”.
  • Click on 3 vertical dots that are on the top right corner of your browser top open Menu.
  • Click on Settings from the menu.
  • Tap on General and Tap set Homepage.
  • Enter the Url of your any site, you want to set as your default homepage.
  • Click on save. Now close the browser and open it again.
  • Now you can see that you no longer have content:// as your homepage and it’s changed.

How to set Any browser as your default browser?

Why would anybody still use the default Browser on Android device right when We can set any default browser of our wish on any android device. And the manufacturer can’t force us to use an inbuilt browser.  Today we have plenty of web browsers on the Google Play store with amazing features. We can download and use any browser as the default browser.

I prefer using Google Chrome, Opera Mini because they are very user-friendly and they are also available for PC. All the bookmarks, browser history, saved password, extensions can be synced to all the devices you’re logged in to, isn’t that amazing.

If you can just set any other browser as the default browser instead of the inbuilt browser, then you don’t have to worry about content:// because the homepage differs from browser to browser.

Here’s how to set a default browser on your Android:

  • Open Settings on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the Apps and look for the Default Apps option.
  • Click on Default Apps.
  • Look for the internet browser.
  • Now you can see all the browsers installed on your device.
  • Choose your default web browser and click save.

How to remove content://

As we know that content:// is the default homepage for the Inbuilt browser on android devices. People don’t like this Homepage because it looks very bad with not good UI, the browser itself is equally worse. Follow the steps below to remove content:// as your default homepage.

  • Open the default Inbuilt web browser.
  • Click on the menu option and choose settings from the menu.
  • Now tap on General and click on select Homepage.
  • Enter the Url of the site or search engine you want to save as the default homepage.
  • Click on save.

Close your browser and check if the settings are saved. If your browser still opens content:// try changing the settings again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is content://

The content:// is a default Homepage of the Android Web browser.

How to set the Homepage on Android?

  • Open the Browser App on your Android device.
  • Click on the Menu option which is on the upper-right corner.
  • Click on Settings>General> Set Homepage.
  • Choose any search engine from the given options or enter a URL to set your own Homepage.
  • Click on Save.

How do I reset the Browser Homepage on Android?

  • Open the Browser App.
  • Click on the menu option which is on the upper-right corner.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Tap on the Home Page option.
  • Tap on the selected homepage and Click on reset.