Download Bluestacks For PC, Laptop & MAC For Free

Download Bluestacks For Free: Bluestacks is the First Ever Android Emulator. Today we have so many Android Emulator’s available in the internet today, But Bluestacks is the best and most downloaded Android Emulator and nothing can come close to it. Everybody loves Android Phones and the Android Applications, there are so many amazing applications and Games for Android Phones which are not available for PC. But Bluestacks For PC came as a Life Saver which gives you a taste of an Android Phone in your Computer.

BlueStacks creates an Virtual Environment which lets you download and install any android Application on your PC/Laptop. Once You Install BlueStacks, you can find all the Applications you can find in the Android Device. You can go to Google Playstore from Bluestacks and Download any Android Application you want.

Download Bluestacks For Windows:

Android is the best User-Friendly Operating System which makes the user addicted to it. And many of us are addicted to the games like Candy Crush, Crossy Roads, Flappy Bird, etc. But when you download Bluestacks you can download and play all your favorite Android Games without any hassles. You might have adapted to playing games on small screens but its an amazing experience when you start playing games on the big screen.

Info About BlueStacks:.

BlueStacks is Completely Free to Download, you dont have to pay a single penny to download Bluestacks. BlueStacks has About  2,000,000+ Downloads. The Current Version of Bluestacks is And the download File Size of Bluestacks is 316.12MB. And its Available for Windows Platform.

BlueStacks App Player is produced by the American Technology Company “BlueStacks”. Bluestacks App Player was developed so it can run all the android applications on your computer ( Windows or Mac OS). Bluestacks was founded by Rosen Sharma, Jay Vaishnav, Suman Saraf 7 years in April 2009. The HeadQuaters of Bluestacks is located in Campbell, California, United States.

How to Download Bluestacks For PC

There are 2 options for downloading the Bluestacks Software.  You can either download Offline installer for Bluestacks or  Bluestacks Executable to download all the files later. You need an active Internet Connection for Downloading Both Ways.

You can Download Bluestacks from the Official website of Bluestacks or you can download from any other trusted source which is malware free. Installing the Bluestacks is Pretty Easy and you dont even have to go through the long installation process. Make sure you have downloaded the File from the Trusted Source.

Follow this Steps to Install Bluestacks On your PC:

1) Once you download the Installation file of Bluestacks, double click on the downloaded file.

2) An Installation window will be appeared on the screen, click Next and follow the steps one by one.

3) After you click on Next, you’ll see a green bar which says ” Downloading needed files”.

4) Once all the necessary files are downloaded you can now run Bluestacks on your computer.

How to Install Android App or Android Game In Bluestacks:

Once Bluestacks is Installed Correctly, as it is not a complicated process even a 6 years old kid can complete the process easily. Now Follow the steps below to find how to install Android App or Game In Bluestacks.

> Open Bluestacks for PC in Your Computer.

> Once Bluestacks is opened, you’ll find a search option on the homescreen.

> Search for the App or Game you want to download.

> Now you can find the results, select the App you want from the results and download it.

> Wait until its downloaded and installed.

Use the Same Process for Downloading all your desired Applications. Happy Downloading.

What are Features of Bluestacks For PC:

So now you might have got an idea of what Bluestacks is. Here im gonna list out some of the cool features of Bluestacks, check them out.

  1. You dont even need to Pay for the Paid Android Apps in Bluestacks.
  2. Bluestacks is completely free and you even need to spend a single penny for downloading Bluestacks.
  3. You can Install all your Favourite Android Apps and Android Games on your Computer.
  4. This software runs on all versions of windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  5. Bluestacks has the simple and Smooth User-Interface which makes you feel like you are using an Android Device.
  6. You can signin using your Google account, so your data is synchroniz ed between your android phone and Bluestacks.
  7. You can install any application in a single click.
  8. Bluestacks supports all input devices like mouse, keyboard etc.

Download Bluestacks For MAC:

1) Download Bluestacks Installation Package from Bluestack’s Official Website.

2) Ignore the Warning message which appears when you try to install the application. Warning Appeared on the screen because we have downloaded the file from the internet and not from the official Appstore, but dont worry its safe and trusted because we have downloaded the package from the Official Bluestacks Website.

3) Once you double click on the DMG file, the installation is same as the regular installation, drag the App icon to the Application folder.Now, Bluestacks will be installed on your MAC OS.

4) Now open the app and use it.

How to Install Apps or Games in Bluestacks on MAC:

Now when you Open Bluestacks and search for the App or game you wanna download, the results will be shown as a blank page. This is because first, you need to signin to your Google Account, in order to download applications from the Google PlayStore. So Go to Settings and configure ur Google Account, or simply click on any App on the Homepage, you will find a pop-up to configure ur Google Account.

You need to ‘Enable Appstore’ and ‘Setup 1-Click Sync’ so that you can use Google Playstore inorder to Download and install your desired Applications and Games.

Some of the users may not able to use Bluestacks because it need high config system & it consumes lot of space on ram. So, here are the Best Bluestacks Alternatives for those who can’t use bluestacks for different reasons.