Download SHAREit For PC , Windows 7,8,8.1 &10| MAC

Download SHAREit For PC: Lenovo SHAREit for PC application is getting prominence from users on account of its astonishing features and capacities thus people want to utilize SHAREit App on PC and connect Computer and Mobile phones to such an extent that they can undoubtedly exchange documents from PC to Smartphone and the other way around with no issue.

If you are searching for generally advantageous and most effortless approach to send records like Audio, video, pictures, documents, software and any other files from one Smart phone to PC or Smart phone to Smart phone, or PC to Smart phone then you are at the correct place. In this article, we are sharing the best most straightforward and quickest approach to send files. If you want to Share files from your PC to any other device, then you must Download SHAREit For PC.

When you Download SHAREit For PC, you can transfer files with lightening speed. SHAREit for PC lets you transfer Gigabytes of data in few minutes, be it any file like Music, videos, documents, softwares, folders, photos etc,. With SHAREit for PC you dont need any cables or USB devices to transfer data. And there are also no network Charges.

In the beginning SHAREit was only released for Android, iOS and windows devices. But due to the high demand of SHAREit, SHAREit for PC was launched officially by the developers of SHAREit.

About SHAREit for PC:

Most of the people, Now-a-days use Blue tooth to transfer files from one device to another, but the problem is its very slow and takes a lot of time to transfer, but don’t we worry now we have a solution, which is Shareit for pc, which helps us transfer files with lightening speed and takes a couple of minutes for transferring GB’s of data. Why shareit’s speed is fast when compared to bluetooth? Its because SHAREit for PC uses WIFI Direct to transfer files with high speed. And we don’t even require data connection to transfer Large files. SHAREit automatically searches for the devices which are in range, and we just need to select the device which we need to transfer files to. When compared to Bluetooth, SHAREit For PC transfers 40 times faster than Bluetooth. When you transfer files, that files will be automatically saved in the device and not in the cloud storage. As shareit is available in all the platforms like Android, iOS, Windows etc, you can transfer from any device to any device. So, why wait, go Download SHAREit for PC.

Special Features of SHAREit for PC:

Before you proceed to Download SHAREit For PC, check out some of Cool features of SHAREit for PC.

  • SHARE it for PC is available for all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows & MAC.
  • SHAREit for PC will automatically detect the nearest devices in range.
  • SHAREit for PC is completely free and you dont need to pay for anything.
  • SHAREit supports about 5 devices simultaneously where can share files like videos, music album or photo library to 5 devices at a time.
  • You dont need to download Android Emulator to Install SHAREit For PC.
  • You can transfer data without any USB or any cable.
  • When you use SHAREit for PC, you dont need Bluetooth, phone network or a WIFI connection.
  • You can transfer Gigabytes of data in few minutes.
  • When compared to Bluetooth. SHAREit for PC transfers 40 times faster.
  • With SHAREit for PC you can backup your data and recover it whenever you need.

How to Download SHAREit for PC| How to Download SHAREit for Windows XP,Vista,10/8.1/8/7:

You don’t need any android emulator’s like Bluestacks or Andy emulator inorder to download SHAREit For PC, as developed have already released the official SHAREit for PC. Follow the Steps below to Download  SHAREit For PC app for free.

  • First you need to Visit the Official website of Lenovo SHAREit, in order to Download SHAREit for PC exe file.
  • It wont take more than 1 minute for the download to be completed as the file is only 4.94 MB.
  • Once its downloaded you can install it by double clicking on the downloaded file.
  • Now follow the remaining steps to finish the installation.
  • Happy File Sharing.

How to Download SHAREit for MAC OS:

SHAREit For MAC is not officially released but don’t worry we can use an Android Emulator to Install SHAREit For MAC on your MAC. So we need to download an Android Emulator first, Bluestacks and Andy Emulator are the best, you can choose any from that. But for this tutorial I’m gonna use Andy Emulator. you can also download xender for pc as an alternative to shareit.

1) First Download Andy Emulator from its official website.

2)Once Andy Emulator is downloaded, install it.

3) Login into your Google account from Andy Emulator in order to access the Google Playstore.

4)Now Search for “SHAREit” in the Google Playstore.

5) Download it and install it. Once its installed Open it and start sharing files.

6) This is the best way to Download SHAREit For MAC.