How to fix Gmail error 007

Gmail Server error 007: Gmail is one of the best and easy email services to use. Gmail has more than 1 billion active users around the world, which makes it the largest email service in the world. Though it is the best email service, it has some errors. If you’re a frequent Gmail user, then you might have come across Gmail server error 007.

When Gmail error #007 happens, you can find your account frozen and unable to load your Gmail account. Even, you won’t be able to Refresh or reload the page. Then try closing and re-opening Google Chrome and open Gmail again.

If this doesn’t fix, then don’t panic I have a few more solutions for you. If Gmail server error 007 happens to you frequently, then follow the fixes mentioned below.

Fix Gmail Server Error 007

Here are a few solutions which will help you fix Gmail error #007. Since we know its a common issue, there are so many reasons why it happens.

Here are some fixes:

Check for Browser Updates and Viruses:

This might sound funny but sometimes viruses on computers can cause Gmail error 007. So I suggest you have Anti-virus software to protect your computer from dangerous viruses. Open your antivirus and perform a full virus scan and protect your computer from viruses.

It’s necessary for you to update your browser all the time, Chrome actually updates the browser by itself but check if your browser is up to date, just to be sure. Go to your browser settings and click on Check for updates. Update the browser, if it’s not updated already.

Clear Cache and Cookies from your Browser:

Sometimes you can get Gmail server error 007 because of the cookies and cache on your web browser. Follow the steps below to clear cookies and cache from your web browser.

Go to settings on your Google Chrome browser.

Click on 3 vertical dots to open the menu of the google chrome.

Click on the settings.

Now click on advanced settings, under the privacy tab. Click on content settings.

Under the cookies, tick all cookies and site data and press clear.

Now open your Gmail and the error 007 should be fixed if it is not fixed then try other solutions.

Disable Background Send under Gmail Labs:

Enabling Background send under the Gmail labs might be one of the reasons for Gmail server error 007. Here’s how to fix it.

Open and sign in to your Gmail account.

On the Gmail homepage, click on the dented gear icon which is on the top right corner.

Click on the settings and look for lab tab.

Now look for Background Send and disable it.

Disable Your Browser’s extensions:

Browser extensions cause so many issues nowadays. As, there are so many extensions available today, we install so many extensions which are good but also cause other issues. So, sometimes Browser extensions prior to getting Gmail error 007.

Check if you have installed any extensions recently. If you didn’t install any, then maybe the old extensions are causing the error.

Try disabling the extensions and opening Gmail. Here’s how to disable Extensions:

Open your Google Chrome browser.

Click on the vertical 3 dots on the top right corner.

Click on more tools and press on Extensions.

Now you can see all the extensions installed on your browser.

You can disable or enable the extensions from there.

If none of these methods work, then it might the Gmail’s Server problem, which is causing Server error #007.

I hope this article is helpful, Comment here if you have any questions.