Best Alternatives of Bluestacks| Free Bluestacks Alternatives

BlueStacks Alternatives: Android Operating System is one of the best OS, which helps us to do everything we need within mobile phone/Tablet. We can install many useful applications, and all kinds of games. We can install as many apps we want in our smartphone/tablet. Then computer programmers developed a software which helps us run Android operating system within our computer which allow users to download android applications and Android games on PC.

The most amazing software to run android apps for Pc is the BlueStacks App Player, which allow users to download and Install Android Apps and Android Games in Our PC. BlueStacks App player is the Android Emulator, which helps us to run Android Apps on PC.  When you download Bluestacks you get some apps pre-installed in it. You can use your Computer as an Android device once you install an Android Emulator.

Today I’m Sharing about some of the Best Alternatives of Bluestacks or Best Android Emulator for PC. Bluestacks is great, but many people are facing issues using Bluestacks, so its better to Use some of the Best Android Emulator which are the Bluestacks Alternatives. Bluestacks became very famous as an Android Emulator, it works great, but there are also some of the Best Android Emulators you can try. If Bluestacks doesnt work for you, Dont worry check out the similar Apps Like Bluestacks and Best Android Emulators listed below.

Why should you try Bluestacks Alternatives instead of Bluestacks?

Well, I have mentioned some reasons below, why should you try the Alternatives of Bluestacks.

  • Once you Install Bluestacks, you will find the high usage of CPU in the Task Manager, which will slow down your computer.
  • Sometimes you can find Graphics Errors and FullScreen errors in Bluestacks.
  • I have faced some issues in Bluestacks from installation to running apps in PC.
  • Some Users have problems running Bluestacks on their PC, so they can try Bluestacks Alternatives.

Best Bluestacks Alternatives | Best Android Emulators other than Bluestacks

Best Alternatives of Bluestacks:

  • Genymotion
  • Andy OS Emulator (Andyroid)
  • Windroy
  • Droid4X
  • YouWave


AMIDuOS is the Fastest of all when compared to other Android Emulators.

With AMIDuOS you get full freedom to download and install all your Favourite Android Applications on PC. You dont have Usage Limit on AMIDuOS.

One of the impressive features of AMIDuOS is, You get Amazon App Store, pre-installed when you Download AMIDuos. With Amazon App Store you can download and Install the Apps you want, as Amazon App Store has so many Apps and Games, which just work like a Mini Google Playstore.

You’ll get full Android Operating System on your PC with AMIDuOS. It has real Android Features like microphone support, multi-touch, multi-finger gestures, consists of sensors and much more.

But AMIDuOS is not free, The Lite version is $10 and Pro version is $15. This Price is very less for its features.

Key Features Of AMIDuOS:

  1. Application Compatibility: AMIDuOS can help you run All the Applications which are available in the Android Market. And the other cool thing is, AMIDuOS comes with Amazon App Store pre-installed in it. You can add all your favorite Android App Markets with the AMIDuOS package installer you make AMIDuOS your own.
  2. Full Android Experience: With AMIDuOS you’ll get a Full Android Experience, AMIDuOS turns your Computer into a Android Device. It’ll Update frequently to give the Latest version of Android to make users get a new experience.
  3. Performance: You can enjoy Superior Android Gaming on your Windows because AMIDuOS supports 3D acceleration. AMIDuOS will be using Windows OpenGL drive to support the games which have intensive Graphics.
  4. Tablet Features: AMIDuOS gives total Android Tablet Experience with gesture support and multitouch like zoom and pinch, along with an inbuilt keyboard. AMIDuOS allows supports GPS and Compass allowing Map Navigation with Multi-touch.
  5. Storage and File Sharing: You can share files from your Android Device to Computer and vice-versa using AMIDuOS, you can also Share pictures, music, videos and other files using AMIDuOS.

#2. Genymotion

Genymotion is the Android Emulator which is specially made for developers.

You get the complete Android testing environment with some advanced tools to help developers build and test Android Apps.

But it doesnt mean that you cant install your Favourite Apps in Genymotion, you can also install your Favourite Apps too.

As  I told you Genymotion is made for App Developers, so all the factors like ease of use, speed, performance, power, reliability are taken into consideration.

So without any doubt, you can Download Genymotion for Good Speed.

Key Features Of GenyMotion:

  1. Emulation of more than 40 Devices: With Genymotion, you can completely Install more than 40 different type of Devices. If you want Nexus 8 On Your PC, you install it on with a single click.
  2. Access to all Android Versions: With Genymotion, You can install your preferred Android Version on your computer with a single click.
  3. Unlimited Screencasts: You can take unlimited Screencasts and Screenshots using Genymotion, you dont need to Download any special App for this, as it is the Inbuilt feature of Genymotion.
  4. Plugin/ Testing Tools: Although Genymotion is for Developers, It is compatible with Android Studio, Android SDK Tools and

Genymotion is Free when you use it for Personal Use.

#3. Andy OS Emulator (Andyroid)

Andyroid is the Best when it comes to Free Android Emulators,

Andyroid is the Modern Android Emulator for PC, which takes your Android Experience to a complete new level.

Andyroid is the Wonderful Bluestacks Alternative which made it easier to run Android Apps on PC and keeping Update of the Latest Android Versions.

It gives unlimited storage so you can download Unlimited Android Apps and Games on your PC.

If you have Problems with Bluestacks, I suggest you to use the Bluestacks Alternative Andyroid which is free like Bluestacks.

Key Features of Andy OS Emulator (Andyroid):

  1. Desktop Push Notifications: This is one of the Best features of Andy OS Emulator, it’ll send your Android Notifications directly onto your PC. You dont need to Open Andyroid to receive your android notifications.
  2. Xbox/PlayStation Controller Support: Andy OS Emulator integrates with the joysticks of Xbox and Playstation, you can control and play all your Games using joysticks.
  3. Cloud Saving: Andyroid Emulator Supports Cloud Saving, you can add certain data to cloud storage and you can access them, even if you are away from your computer or home.
  4. x86 native apps and ARM support: Andyroid helps you run all your .apk files and ARM files.
  5. Sensor’s Support: Andy has all the sensors you have in a Android Phone, to give you a complete Android Experience.


Windroy is an Android Emulator, which is one of the Best Alternatives of Bluestacks. Windroy is developed by Chinese Developers to give its User’s a Android Phone Experience on their PC.

As Windroy is Lightweight software (Small Size) It has a simple design and functionality and also consumes less power.

Although Windroy not completely Android, it still has all the characteristics of an Android Emulator.

Windroy Supports FullScreen mode, you can view everything on Large Screen.

One of the best Features of Windroy is it also supports Windows Applications like Flash.

Windroy is Made for Developers to run and test their Apps but you can still use Windroy for Personal Use.

Windroy is Available for Free.

#5. Droid4X

Droid4X is the Another Alternative of Bluestacks. which is of Lightweight and consumes very less power..

Droid4X is more of an Android Simulator that gives you control and access to run your Mobile Apps on PC.

Its good in the aspects of User Experience, Performance, Gaming controllability and Compatibility.

Key Features of Droid4X:

  1. Controllability: Droid4X supports multi-touch, which helps you play Games.
  2. Powerful Performance: As Droid4X is LightWeight, it doesnt consume much power and dont use much of CPU, so which gives us a Powerful Performance.

#6. YouWave

YouWave is the Android Emulator which is Tablet Styled.

The main Motive of YouWave is to provide the user’s a Great Android Experience.

YouWave lags in many of the fields, As YouWave looks like the Software which is developed years go.

YouWave is bit laggy, and it doesnt need a high-config to Install on Your PC.

If your computer is of low-config and you cant install Bluestacks?, YouWave is the option you go for which is also one of the Alternatives of Bluestacks.

Best Android Emulator’s | Best Bluestacks Alternatives

  • Andyroid
  • GenyMotion]
  • Droid4X

There are so many other Alternatives for Bluestacks but these are the best. When it comes to Best Bluestacks Alternatives, I suggest you to get any of the 6 Bluestacks Alternatives provided above.

I have tried all of the Android Emulator’s provided above and I can say that Andyroid and AMIDuOS are the best Bluestack’s Alternatives.

You can buy AMIDuOS because of its worth the price. But if you want Best Bluestacks Alternative which is free you can go for Andyroid or GenyMotion.