How to Use iMessage on Windows PC

iMessage for Windows| iMessage on PC: We all know that iMessage is the free messaging app for Apple devices. Though WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram are amazing, iMessage beats them all. iMessage for PC comes with amazing features like P2P money transfer, a large collection of emoji’s, digital touch, Gif, etc. Compared to all other messengers, It has superior encryption which makes it the secure messenger App for private chats. But the problem is, its only available for the iDevices and not available for Windows or Android. So, I have been receiving so many questions regarding How to use iMessage on PC.

There’s no direct download available for iMessage for Windows but there are some ways which make it possible for the Windows users to access iMessage on their PC. With the help of emulators and some tools, now we will be able to Download and Install iMessage for Windows PC. Here, I will guide you on How to Download iMessage for PC and How to Install iMessage for PC.

Features of iMessage for Windows Computer.

Before we proceed to the Download procedure of iMessage for PC, let us Check our its features first.

  • iMessage is completely free and only uses your mobile data or wifi.
  • It is easy and best UI compared to any other messaging App.
  • You can get Instant Delivery reports and read reports.
  • It is easy to Install on Windows and it comes pre-installed on all iOS and Mac OS devices.
  • You can send Unlimited messages using iMessage.
  • Interact using audio, video and photos.
  • React to the messages received using emoticons.
  • You can make Group chats using iMessage.
  • iMessage has the best encryption which means you’re message are safe and nobody can access them.
  • iMessage has the largest number of emoji collection.

How to Download and Install iMessage For PC

I’m gonna mention all different ways to Download iMessage on Windows, Try and find out which method works the best for you.

Install iMessage for PC using Ipadian:

iPadian is an iPad Emulator for Windows/ PC which allows you to install and run iOS apps on PC. We can use iPadian Emulator to install iMessage on PC.

  • Open any browser on your PC.
  • In the Url, bar enters and click enter.
  • Click on Download for Windows.
  • The .exe file will start downloading.
  • Install ipadian Emulator.
  • Open ipadian emulator and It will ask you to agree on terms and conditions, accept it and click Next.
  • Now you have successfully setup iPadian Emulator.
  • In the search box type “iMessage” and click enter.
  • Click on iMessage from the results.
  • You have successfully installed iMessage on Windows Computer.

Using Chrome Remote Desktop:

This is a simple and easy method compared to other methods, for this use need a Chrome browser and Chrome Remote Desktop extension.

  • First, you need to install the Google Chrome browser on both of your computers (Windows/ MAC) if you don’t have them installed already.
  • Open Chrome Web store and search for Chrome Remote Desktop extension.
  • Click on Install and add it to the browser.
  • After its installed, click on Launch.
  • Now open Chrome browser on your Mac and install Chrome Remote Host Installer.
  • Install it on your MAC, once it’s downloaded.
  • Now you can launch it and set a pin to access it on the other computer.
  • Open windows computer and look for remote Mac and enter the pin to access the MAC.

Now you can access iMessage from your Windows PC. If you don’t have another MacBook, you can follow the other methods mentioned.

Using Cydia:

If you don’t like the first two methods, then you can use this method to access iMessage on Windows Computer. You need an iOS device for this method and you don’t need to jailbreak your device since this method is jailbreak-free.

  • Download Cydia on your windows computer.
  • Cydia comes with the pre-installed Appstore.
  • Open Appstore and search for Remote messages.
  • Now install Cydia on your iPad or iPhone and look for Remote messages App and install it.
  • Connect your Computer and iPhone to the same wifi network.
  • Create a username and password on the Remote messages App.
  • Open the web browser and enter the IP address mentioned under the enable tab.
  • Hit enter and now you have to log in using the username and password created.
  • Now you can access iMessage of your iPhone/iPad on your windows computer.

I hope this article has helped you guys, please comment below with your views and let me know which method works the best for you.