Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android, iOS, PC & MAC

Nintendo 3DS Emulator Download: A 3DS Emulator which is also known as 3DS emu, is a closed source which works as an emulator for windows. So, this 3DS emu is capable of emulating Nintendo’s 3DS Games just like how Android/ iOS emulators run on pc with minimal issues and bugs.

As Emulators get new versions all the time, the latest versions work the best as they fix bugs and issues in the older versions.  A thing to notice about the Nintendo 3DS Emulator is that, they all don’t work with all the platforms like  Mac, Linux at the same time.

Name Nintendo 3ds Emulator
Size 11.35MB
Operating System Windows
Version eMu3Ds

Features of 3DS Emulators:

3DS Emulators comes with great features but it is not as good as using the 3DS Console. Some of the best features include:

  • Resolution: There are different resolutions from which you can play the game on full screen which varies till 720p.
  • Game Save: While using the 3DS Emulator, one can save the game and replay it after taking a break
  • Anti-Aliasing: There’s also a feature called the aliasing filtering which makes the game look realistic. If you’re having a high-config device then you’re in for a roller-coaster ride.
  • Network: The audio of the game is as good as the console, if you use earphones or headphones then you have live experience in an acoustic environment.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator Console:

Nintendo 3DS is a game console which is manufactured by Nintendo which is capable of playing the 3D effects without the need of 3D glasses. Nintendo has first announced the console in the year 2010 and it also released Nintendo DS which is compatible with DSI and DS games. And Nintendo 3DS is a great competition for Sony Playstation Vita.

The Nintendo 3DS comes loaded with default apps including an online store known as Nintendo eShop, and social network called Miiverse, Netflix, Youtube, Swapnote etc. That being said, it not possible for everyone to get hold of Nintendo 3DS Console. So to make it possible for all the users of Android, iOS and PC to play Nintendo 3DS Console, they made a software called Nintendo 3DS Emulator. When you Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator, then you can play Nintendo 3DS Games on your Android, iOS and PC.


Download Citra Emulator for Windows:

  • Right now, Citra has only one stable version it works on Bugs everyday and fixes them.
  • First Open your Web Browser and Visit the Official Site of Citra Emulator using the url
  • Click on Download from the Menu.
  • There are two versions, 1)Nightly Build, 2)Bleeding Edge Build.
  • Choose the option you want and Download the latest version.
  • Click on the Windows Symbol.
  • And it will Download automatically.
  • Install it following the instructions.

Download 3DS Emulator for Android:

There are so many 3DS Emulators available for Android, but i suggest you to Download nds4droid. Follow the Steps below to Download nds4droid 3DS Emulator for Android.

  • Open Google Playstore from your Android Device.
  • In the Google Playstore’s Search Bar, Search for “nds4droid”.
  • Select “nds4droid” from the results.
  • And Click On Install.
  • It will be Downloaded in few minutes.
  • Once its Downloaded, it will be Installed Automatically.

Download Citra Emulator for MAC:

  • Open Your Web Browser from your MAC PC or Macbook.
  • Visit the Citra’s Official Website using the url
  • Click on Download from the Menu.
  • Now you can see Download Options.
  • In the Nightly Build, you can find Apple Symbol.
  • Click on the Apple Symbol.
  • Citra Emulator for MAC will be Downloaded.
  • Install it, once its Downloaded.

Download and Install 3DS Emulator on iOS Devices:

Don’t Worry, that you need to JailBreak your iOS device to play Nintendo 3DS games, If you follow the steps below you dont have to Jail Break your Phone to play Nintendo 3DS Games.

  • Open Safari browser from your iOS device.
  • Open this url ( and Download the file from there.
  • If you wish to Download any other 3DS Emulator files, you can also Download them too.
  • Once the fail is Downloaded, Click on Install and wait for the File to be Downloaded.
  • Once the 3DS emulator is Downloaded, go to General>Profiles” or “Device Management.”
  • Look for the app that reads “Guangdong” and click on Trust twice.

Now open the 3DS Emulator to play games on your iOS device.