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Google’s Gmail is the Best and most famous email service in the world. Gmail.com is a free email service, where users can send and receive emails. gmail has over 1 Billion active users from around the world which make it the most popular email service. Gmail.com has so many special features which make it the best compared to other email services.

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People visit mail.google.com to access their Gmail Account to send and receive Emails, Share Documents, music, videos and other files. The Internet has been around for two decades, from then, email services played a major role in sending emails. Yahoo Mail and Hotmail are the first email services which were started before Gmail.com. But when www.Gmail.com was started by Google in 2004, it brought lot of changes in email services. Now Gmail.com takes the top place in the Best email service providers. Gmail.com has over 1 Billion users now and they are increasing day by day.

Once you SignUp Gmail Account, you can access So many Google’s features like Google Search, Maps, Youtube, Google Playstore. News, Google Dive, Calender, Google+, Translate, Photos, Contacts, Hangouts, Photos, Blogger,  Books and Google Docs. You can also access Gmail.com from your mobile phone as Gmail is very mobile-friendly. To access all the Features of www.Gmail.com, you just need to Login Gmail Account and you don’t need to separately register for each option.

You don’t always need to visit www.Gmail.com to login to Gmail Account, If you are too lazy to enter the site Url all the time, You can Install Gmail App on your Smart phone. Gmail.com supports all Platforms like Android, iOS, windows etc,. You just need to Download Gmail App on your Mobile, you will be getting real-time email notifications right into your mobile’s Notification Bar.


The Basic HTML version of Gmail.com which work almost on any browser. In addition to the Official Gmail Apps, www.Gmail.com works great even in the mobile phones web browsers. You can find 5 labels in gmail they are Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. You can Login to 2 different Gmail Accounts at a time. You can change the Theme and Add Background Images for your Gmail Account.

About www.Gmail.com | Gmail.com Wiki

Gmail.com is a free email service which was developed by Google. Gmail is available on all Mobile Platforms (Android, iOS etc). Gmail.com has first released its beta version in the Year 2004 and Gmail has quit its beta version in 2009. Before Gmail had the initial storage capacity of 1 Gb per user, while Gmail.com competitor Hotmail only had a 2MB storage capacity. Now the free storage of one personal Gmail account is 15GB. Gmail.com Users can attach files up to 25Mb per email, if they want to attach larger files, they have to upload it to Google Drive.

Gmail.com is created by Paul Buchheit, who already gained some experience in the web-based email services in the 1990’s. Now, www.Gmail.com is available in 72 languages, and they are trying to add more languages soon. Gmail App is the first App on Google Playstore to hit 1 Billion installations in Android Phones.

How to Create New Gmail Account | Gmail SignUp

It’s very easy to Create Gmail Account or SignUp for Gmail Account. It only takes few minutes to become the user of it. It is Compulsory for you to have a Mobile Phone before you Signup Gmail Account because confirmation code will be sent to the mobile number. Follow the steps here to Create New Gmail Acc.

  1. First visit www.Gmail.com to create a new Gmail account.
  2. Now click on Create an Account, which is found below the Gmail Login Box.
  3. Gmail.com SignUp page will appear. Now look at the instructions and enter the necessary data such as First Name, Last Name, Sexuality, DOB, and choose a unique name which will be used as your Email ID.
  4. Choose a Strong Password and re-enter the password once again. Enter your mobile number and Secondary email for the verification process as it is mandatory.
  5. Accept Google’s Conditions of Privacy and Assistance Policy by clicking on the Checkbox, then click next. Now your Gmail.com Signup process is completed.
  6. So you have Successfully created new Gmail Account, Now go to www.Gmail.com and enter your new email address and password, and Login to Gmail.com.
  7. You can set a profile picture for your Google+ Account, if you don’t wanna add a picture, you can simply skip that step.

How to Login to www.Gmail.com | Gmail Signin, Gmail Login

There are two ways you can Login to Gmail.com. 1) Using a Browser, 2) Using Gmail App.

1)Using a Browser: Go to www.Gmail.com from a browser using a computer or a mobile. Enter your Gmail Username and password. Press Login and Login to Gmail Account.

2)Using Gmail App: Go to Google Playstore from Android (Go to Appstore for iOS devices). Search for Gmail App in the Appstore. Download and install Gmail App.Now open the App and Signin to Gmail. Thats it you have successfully logged into Gmail.

How to Reset Forgotten Gmail Password:

If you have forgotten your Gmail Password, don’t worry, Follow this steps below to reset your Gmail Account password.

1) Go to www.Gmail.com.

2) Click on Signin/Login.

3) Look for Forgot Password button and click on it.

4) You’ll be asked to answer some security questions

5) If not you will get a security code to your mobile number and your alternative email address.

6) Enter the verification code and click submit

7) Enter the New Password. Confirm the New Password.

8) Now Go to Gmail.com Login page and try to login using your new password.

Download Gmail App for Android | Access www.Gmail.com from Android

You can Download Gmail.com App on your Android using 2 ways.

1st Method:

1) Go to Google Playstore from your Android device.

2) Search for “Gmail” in the search bar.

3) Download the Gmail App found in the results.

4) Wait for it to be downloaded, and it will be automatically installed once its downloaded.

5) Now open Gmail App, And login to Gmail.com.

Now you dont always have to go to www.Gmail.com to send or receive mails, You can enjoy all the Gmail features from your Android Phone.

2nd Method:

1) Open any Browser from your Android phone.

2) In the Google Search Engine, search for “Download Gmail Apk File”.

3) From the results, Download Gmail Apk file.

4) Before you proceed to Install the Gmail Apk, you need to allow unknown sources in order to install the applications which downloaded from the internet.

5) Now go to the Downloads, and select the Gmail Apk file and Install it.

6) Once its installed you can Login to Gmail.com from your mobile App.

I suggest you use the First method, as it is the right way to do it, sometimes when you download Apk files from the internet, they are corrupted, not updated or has a virus in it.

Download Official Gmail App for iPhone/iPad

1) Go to Appstore from your iPhone/iPad.

2) Search for “Gmail” in the Appstore’s search bar.

3) Select Gmail App and Download it.

4) Wait for it to be downloaded and installed.

5) Open Gmail App to access www.gmail.com on your iOS device.

Download Gmail App for PC | Download Gmail.com App for Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/8.1/10

We dont have an Official Gmail App for PC, but there are so many third-party Apps which provide Softwares for Gmail Login from the Applications. But i suggest you not to Download them, they might steal your passwords and data in your Gmail.com. Access www.Gmail.com only from the Official Gmail site or Official Gmail App. Do not Signup Gmail from other sites, they might be trying to steal your data. Only Login Gmail from Official site www.Gmail.com.

As we dont have an Official Gmail App for pc, we are going to use an Android Emulator to Install Gmail Apk file on PC. I suggest you to use Bluestacks, which is the Best Android Emulator today. So follow the steps below to Download Gmail App on PC.

1) First, you need to Download Bluestacks, from its Official Website.

2) Once you download Bluestacks, install it.

3) Now open Bluestacks and go to Google Playstore.

4) In the Google Playstore’s Search bar, Type “Gmail” and click enter.

5) From the results Download Gmail App.

6) Wait for it to be Downloaded and installed.

7) Open Gmail App once its Installation is done.

Now you dont Always have to Visit www.Gmail.com and Login to Gmail.com, you can simply Open Gmail App on your PC and enjoy All your Gmail.com Features in the App.

Key Features of Gmail.com (www.Gmail.com)

Here im listing out some of the key features you can find in the Mobile Gmail App.

1) You have an option to schedule your emails.

2) You can always backup your emails using Gmail.com.

3) You can Delete All Emails at Once.

4) Add private notes directly to your emails.

5) Automatically Reply When Out of Office.

6) Save yourself some time, escape from periodic tasks.

7) Formulate your ideas and comments without revealing to any other recipients.

8) Convert Gmail Mails into PDF.

9) Manage Your Inbox efficiently by Creating Labels.

10) Boost your productivity.

11) Right Inbox will automatically send your emails at the specified time.

12) Add Multiple Accounts in Gmail.

13) See the Places From You have Logged In into Your Account.

14) Right-click Emails to Mark as Read.

15) Right-click Emails to Archive.

16) Right-click Emails to Delete.

17) Bookmark Emails and Searches with Quick Links.

18) Mute Group Emails to Stop Distractions.

You can also Create a Gmail Account  in the Gmail App. You can Login to Gmail from your Gmail App. You can access more than one account at a tim. All the Features of Gmail.com are Found in the Gmail App.

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